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Suning automated warehouse logistics: process monitoring handheld terminal

Suning Tesco face every day large quantity orders, Hefei Suning automated warehouse logistics base is how consumers and services? “Suning storage in a single consumer receives the next time, for every single commodity to generate a bar code, the bar code affixed to the outside of the outer box, the staff can quickly scan the bar code on the goods to be placed to the corresponding shelf , waiting to pick up a warehouse; the staff hand-held terminal equipment, ‘master’ logistics information for each product, in addition, the application of hand-held terminals to reduce logistics costs, improve arrival rate of commodities such as logistics services to realize the goods transport links. monitoring, effectively ensure the security and speed of commodity circulation. “Suning automated warehouse logistics base for handheld terminal applications, from order receipt, picking, picking, shipping and other modules, greatly enhance the efficiency of Suning automated warehouse logistics transportation .

Consumers to buy products on Suning Tesco, major appliances product distribution by the general principle of proximity to each partition Suning user location, skin care, daily necessities and other categories of products sent by the supplier to Suning automated warehouse logistics base and then sent to the nearest hands of users. According to the reporter, Suning logistics base in Hefei highest warehouse merchandise bearing the number up to 180,000, the average daily receipt operating capacity of 8,000 units, bear the allocation under the Yangtze River north of urban areas (Anqing, Chuzhou, Bengbu, etc.) online line sales of goods , distribution and other responsibilities. Only the year 2014, Hefei area output 60 million pieces of traditional large appliances, Hefei local and regional distribution of the traditional large appliances 260,000.


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